4 Signs It's Time for Dairy Brick Repair

Most industrial buildings use dairy bricks as their flooring material because these bricks are versatile in application and durable. But just like any other flooring material, dairy bricks are prone to wear and tear and need routine maintenance and repairs. If your building has a dairy brick floor, you need to pay attention to early indicators of damage to avoid expensive repairs. The following are warning signs it's time for dairy brick repairs. 

1. Missing or Damaged Grout

Although bricks are hard-wearing, grout, which is the material that holds them in place, can easily crumble. These may be as a result of prolonged use of harsh cleaning chemicals or hot water spills. When overlooked, damaged grout can allow germs and bacteria between the brick, and this can potentially cause health problems. 

Missing or damaged grouting is often the first sign your dairy brick floor needs repairs. At the first sign of damaged or missing grout, call a professional floor repair professional to fix the grout problem immediately to avoid further damages.

2. Chipped or Cracked Bricks

Dairy bricks can crack when exposed to harsh weather elements or when heavy objects fall on them. If the cracks are not filled up, they can grow in size, spread, and damage the entire flooring of your building. It's essential to contact a flooring repair expert if you notice any cracks.

3. Uneven Areas on the Surface

If your floor is uneven or sunken, this is a sign the grout between the bricks might be eroded. It might also mean the underneath section of the bricks is chipped, making them not fit properly. This problem can be dangerous if not fixed in good time and can lead to injuries. Keep your dairy brick floor safe by scheduling repair sessions.

4. Bricks Are Absorbing Water 

Dairy bricks are made of non-porous materials. This means they are not supposed to absorb water or moisture. If you notice that your bricks are absorbing water, it could mean they are old and need to be upgraded or repaired. 

When the dairy brick floor of your building starts to show any of these signs, it's time to look for an experienced contractor to determine the flooring issue and make proper recommendations on repairs. Maintaining your dairy brick floors in perfect shape will keep your facility clean and safe for business.

To learn more about dairy brick repair, companies like Archway Brick and Tile can help.

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