Stone-Look Vinyl Flooring Products That Could Be Perfect For Your Kitchen

Stone-look vinyl flooring is a good option to consider when your kitchen needs a new floor. Stone flooring is popular in kitchens, but it has drawbacks such as being cold, hard, and expensive. Vinyl flooring looks just like stone, but it is more affordable, more comfortable to stand on, and easier on dishes you drop. Here are some options in vinyl flooring products that look like real stone.

Vinyl Tiles Can Be Grouted

Large vinyl tiles take on the look of marble, travertine, or other types of expensive stone flooring. Some tiles can be installed with grout to make them look even more authentic.

In addition to being installed with grout, vinyl tiles can be installed with glue or applied with a peel-and-stick backing. The tiles come in a range of stone colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect match for your kitchen. Plus, you can find affordable and higher-end tiles to match your budget.

Vinyl flooring products are available in vinyl and luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl costs more, but it is higher quality and it has padding on the back to make it warmer and more comfortable.

Sheet Vinyl Is Easy To Install

You can buy sheet vinyl flooring that is a single piece of flooring with designs and coloring that make it look like marble, slate, granite, or another type of stone flooring. Sheet vinyl flooring is an affordable option, and it's also easy to install as long as you can transport and handle the big roll of flooring.

Some sheet vinyl needs to be glued down, but others are what's known as loose lay. Loose lay flooring stays flat so it doesn't have to be glued or attached. This type of flooring is good for covering up old flooring so the old floor doesn't have to be removed.

You can buy scratch-resistant, waterproof, water-resistant, and slip-resistant vinyl flooring, so it's an ideal choice for your kitchen where you might have occasional spills.

Vinyl Planks Can Float Over An Old Floor

Planks are a popular type of vinyl flooring product since they come in so many styles and they have different installation methods. While wood-looking planks are popular, you can buy vinyl planks that look just like stone. These are often wider than the planks that look like wood so the flooring looks like traditional stone flooring sizes.

Vinyl planks can float over an old floor by clicking together, but you can also glue, peel off a backing and stick the planks to the floor, or loose lay them. Be sure to buy planks according to the installation type you want, especially if you want loose lay flooring.

No matter what type of vinyl flooring product you choose, your kitchen floor will have a high-end look at a more affordable price when you choose vinyl over marble, granite, or travertine. Plus, vinyl flooring is easy to care for since it can be wet mopped and vacuumed.

For more information, contact a local flooring supplier, like KC Marble & Tile.

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