The Top Unusual And Unique Cabinet Design Ideas For A Modern Home Makeover

Modern style may be an important feature when planning your home renovations. Today, cabinets can come in many different styles to help you create a unique look when doing a makeover for your home. The cabinets that you use in your home renovations can include unique features that give your home a one-of-a-kind style. The following unusual and unique cabinet design ideas are some of the options you may want to consider for your new interior design:

Vanities and Storage for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are some of the areas where you may want to add unique custom cabinets. These features can start with the bathroom vanity and sink. Options to consider for your bathroom vanity cabinet include:

  • Floating bathroom vanities
  • Bowl sink vanities with full cabinets beneath
  • Split vanities with shelving for towels

The vanities are not the only cabinets that can be added to a new bathroom design. You may also want to add storage for linens and other things that you need to store.

Home Office Designs with Built-in Features

Your home office can be a place where there are features like a desk and open shelves, but you may want to add built-in solutions. Cabinetry that will help you makeover your home office include:

  • Built-in custom desk space
  • Custom bookshelves with server cabinets
  • Custom workspace surfaces

The built-in features are a great solution to add storage for modern technology equipment that you may need for smart home features. Cabinetry in your home office can store equipment that you might need to operate your home's systems.

Create Unique Cabinet Storage for Living Areas

The main living areas may be other areas where you want to add custom cabinetry to the design. These may be features like built-in entertainment centers and bookshelves for the living room or display cabinets for foyers and other areas. These can include unique glass features to create an elegant modern style for your renovations.

Makeover the Kitchen with One-of-a-Kind Cabinet Design

One of the biggest cabinetry projects that you can plan for your home is installing new kitchen cabinets. Today, kitchen cabinet designs can give you are a lot of options for modern style. Options to consider when renovating your kitchen with new cabinets include:

  • Floating shelves to replace ceiling cabinets
  • Full-height rollout drawers for organization
  • Cabinets with contours and unique shapes

The new cabinets that you have installed in your kitchen can create a more modern design.

The unique cabinet designs can be used throughout your home to create a modern style for your interior design. Call a cabinet service to discuss these unique custom designs for your home.

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