How Your Hardwood Floors Can Be Restored

Have old hardwood floors that are not looking so great? If so, you will likely want to hire a professional to help restore the hardwood for you. Here are some of the things that will be done to get your floors looking great again.

Sand The Floors

The process starts by sanding that old finish from the hardwood floor surface. This will be done by using a drum sander that can sand the majority of the floor quickly and efficiently. There will be several passes over the surface, starting with a more harsh sandpaper and gradually going down to a more gentle grit to create a smooth finish. Keep in mind that many parts of the hardwood will need to be sanded by hand. This includes steps, inside closets, corners, and tight spots around the baseboard. Extra care needs to be taken with a drum sander, because they can easily damage the base boards.

Fill The Cracks

A wood filler is then used to fill those imperfections of the floor, such as places where the wood is cracked or scratched. Now is the time to put wood filler in those damaged areas while the floor is still in rough shape and needs to be refinished. This can even help with problems like the wood contracting over time and having big gaps between the floor boards. Another pass of sanding the surface is done to smooth out those places where wood filler was used, and give the wood floors a nice smooth finish.

Clean The Floors

Any dust and debris will need to be cleaned off the floors at this point. A vacuum can be used to suck up all of the dust that has collected on the surface, since you do not want anything on the floors before the stain is applied. Debris left on the floor can leave spots where the stain doesn't fully absorb into the wood.

Stain The Floors

A buffer will be used to apply the strain to the majority of the wood surface. Once again, corners, steps, and other hard to reach places will need to be stained by hand in order to get into those tight areas. Light sanding is done between coats of stain to make a darker coat, since the next layer of stain needs something to adhere to. Polyurethane can then be applied onto the stain to give the floor a nice glossy finish.

For more information on hardwood floor restoration, contact a flooring company.

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