DIY Wood Floor Refinishing Is Not Always The Best Option

Hardwood floors are highly sought after because of their durability and beauty. Yet, with time, scratches and other imperfections can develop, and the floor can lose some of its luster, which can lead to the need for refinishing. As a homeowner, you have likely put a do-it-yourself hat on a time or two, but a wood floor refinishing project may not be the time to do so.

Sandpaper Selection

All sandpaper is not the same, and as you might imagine, you need different types, or grit, based on the project. Take 100-grit vs 36-grit sandpaper, for example. One is best for removing just a thin layer of coating off the floor and the other is better suited for removing thicker or multiple layers. If someone uses heavy-duty sandpaper to remove a light layer, permanent damage to the floor could result. Professionals understand what sandpaper is necessary for the job at hand.

Technique Concerns

Technique is especially important during the process if you want to achieve a flawless result. When proper technique is not applied, it shows. For instance, when changing direction with the sander, you must be especially careful to ensure the drum is not touching the floor. If it is, a swirl-like mark could be etched into the wood. Knowing when it is time to lift the sander requires knowledge and experience.

Surface Preparation

Once the sanding process is complete, the floor must be cleaned and prepped. Inadequate cleaning will result in a blotchy and uneven stain application. For this reason, using a broom or other cleaning tool to simply remove the sanded particles from the floor is not enough. Instead, professional-grade cleaning products are necessary to remove even the tiniest of particles and ensure the surface is free and clear.

Labor Intensity

If you think refinishing is a half a day job, you might want to think again. To get the job done correctly, it will take the average person without skill quite a long time. For this reason, it is not unheard of for homeowners to get a couple of hours into the job and realize it is more than they can handle, get tired, and a result, have their technique suffer, which can lead to a poor result. A professional will get the job done in a short time and with a better finish.

Hiring a professional to refinish your hardwood floors is one of the best ways to protect your floors and ensure you achieve the finish you desire. Speak with a flooring professional to learn more about wood floor refinishing.

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