4 Aspects To Look For In A Hardwood Floor

When it comes to putting in new flooring, there are a lot of choices on the market. Wood is the classic choice, even in today's homes. There are many benefits to choosing wood flooring, especially if you take the time to shop manufacturers to find one that offers the following types of products. 

1. Wear Resistance

Although all hardwood flooring is durable and long-lasting, not all hardwood floors are created equal when it comes to resisting wear. A more wear-resistant floor will last decades without the need for any major maintenance. Choose a flooring manufacturer that uses wear-resistant finishes on all of their wood products. A strong wear-resistant finish can add years to the life of the hardwood floor, plus it makes daily maintenance and cleaning much easier. 

2. Style Versatility

There is a wide range of options available for hardwood flooring. Not only should a manufacturer provide a range of wood types to choose from, but they should also give a range of decorative finishes. Type and color aren't the only options to consider. There should also be options on plank style. Whether you want sturdy wide planks, delicate narrow planks in a herringbone design, or even square mosaic tiles, there is a wood flooring style for you.

3. Green Options

Sustainably harvested hardwood flooring is a green option in both the present and the future. The durability and timeless beauty of hardwood mean it will have a long and useful life in your home, so there won't be any need to replace it in the future. Further, if the floor must be replaced the wood can be recycled or composted naturally. Look for hardwood flooring suppliers that use sustainable forest products and that are dedicated to green production methods such as recapturing the sawdust and offcuts for other uses such as engineered flooring or fuel pellets.

4. Better Repairability

One issue with laminate and similar wood-look plastic and vinyl flooring is that it can't be repaired. If moisture warps a laminate board surface or a sharp object gouges vinyl, the only repair option is to replace the damaged section. Hardwood can be repaired. Surface water damage can be sanded away, and gouges can be filled and sanded as well. Applying a fresh coat of finish completes the repair and makes the hardwood flooring look new again. 

Contact a flooring dealer, such as Mirage hardwood floors, to learn more about all of the options available. 

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