Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Carpet

If you're not happy with the carpet in one of the rooms in your home, you may wish to take steps toward replacing it. Visiting a local carpet store will allow you to browse several dozen different products in a quest to find the right one for the room in question. Once you've found a new type of carpet that appeals to you, you can book an installation appointment with the store's installation team. Before long, your old carpet will be gone and the new one will cover the floor of the room. Here are some signs that you may want to consider replacing the carpet in a room.


While it's often possible to remove stains in a carpet by renting a carpet cleaner or even by hiring a carpet cleaning service, there can be stains that are simply too stubborn to lift from the carpet fibers. Some people conceal stained areas of their carpet with pieces of furniture, but this isn't always possible. Few things can make a carpet an eyesore as quickly as stains, whether they're from a pet, from your children, or from something else. Replacing your stained carpet with something new will give the room a fresh, clean look.

Worn Areas

Over time, carpets can develop worn areas. For example, if you walk across the room in roughly the same area multiple times a day, you may notice a flattened section of the carpet in the shape of a path. This can especially occur if you have a lower-end carpet in the room. Brushing the carpet may help to improve the appearance of these worn areas to some degree, but you may still feel as though these areas negatively affect the look of the carpet and perhaps even the room as a whole. This can be a good time to replace the carpet.

Dated Look

It may be a good idea to replace the carpet in one or more rooms in your home simply because the carpet has a dated appearance. High-quality carpet can last many years, which means that your carpet could be at least a decade old. You may feel that the look of the carpet is no longer stylish. For example, perhaps it features a color that isn't contemporary. Replacing the carpet with something that has an updated appearance can have a positive effect on the room as a whole. Contact a carpet store in your area to learn about your options.

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