Protecting Hardwood Flooring Against Premature Damage

If you recently ripped up the carpeting in your home so you could expose the hardwood flooring hiding underneath, you are likely enjoying the aesthetics this medium provides to your personal living space. It is important to take a few proactive steps to protect wood flooring so it does not become damaged. Here are a few points to read over to aid in keeping your floors looking their absolute best.

Make Sure To Clean Your Hardwood Floors Regularly

As you walk through the rooms in your home, dirt and other debris will transfer to your floors from the bottoms of your shoes. If you do not take the time to remove particles that fall to the floor, they can scratch the surface of hardwood as other people or pets move them around. Make an effort to sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors regularly to help keep dirt at a minimum.

Use Area Rugs And Runners To Help Collect Debris

If you have rooms with wood flooring present, the addition of a few area rugs in them will help with debris collection. Add a rug at your home's entrances so people can wipe their feet before entering. Place an area rug anywhere where foot traffic is high to help keep your wood flooring clean. You can also use longer fabric or plastic runners if people walk back and forth across a room using the same pathway often.

Use Furniture Moving Disks To Avoid Scratching

If you need to move large or heavy pieces of furniture or other items from one spot to another in a room with hardwood flooring, you need to protect the surface from the possibility of scratching or scraping. Invest in furniture moving disks to place underneath the legs of chairs or tables, or along the side of a piece of equipment that you need to move. You can then slide the item into place without worrying about the floor's condition in the process.

Polish Your Floors To Provide A Barrier Of Protection

Most people add a wood cleaning agent to their floors to remove dirt buildup and add a sheen to the surface. In addition to the attractive look that a glossy cleaning agent provides to hardwood floors, you also obtain the added benefit of a layer of protection with its application. The cleaner helps to repel dirt from getting between planks and from scraping the wood itself.

Reach out to a flooring contractor to learn more about caring for hardwood flooring.

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