Sanding, Staining, And Varnishing New Hardwood Floors

Sanding newly installed hardwood planks is one of the steps your flooring team will conduct. This process necessitates the use of a drum sander and an edger. The following guidelines will help you learn what to expect when sanding is underway.

The Complexity Of The Project

Your flooring team may consist of one person who will be operating the drum sander and one who will be operating the edger. A series of sandpaper products may be switched out during the sanding process. First, your flooring team will determine where dust collection materials will need to be installed. A relatively small flooring project that involves installing flooring within one room may only require that plastic sheeting is secured over a doorway.

A larger project that involves installing flooring on multiple floors may necessitate a more complex dust collection process. Preparing the rooms will make cleanup less time-consuming. The flooring team will use the drum sander to prepare most of the flooring. The sander will be moved along the floor in straight lines. The drum sander will be moved from room to room until the main section of each floor has been sanded in its entirety.

The Edges And Finishing Products

The edges of each floor will require the use of a smaller sanding machine. This machine is called an edger. A member of your flooring team may kneel on the floor while moving the edger. The edger contains a rotating disc that will treat the corners and sides of each floor that is being sanded. This machine will necessitate the use of various types of sandpaper. The same series of grits that were used during the drum sanding process will be used to sand the edges and corners of each floor.

Once all of the sanding has been conducted, your sanding team will vacuum up any dust that has settled on the flooring. The workers will assess the flooring to determine if the sanding process has been completed exactly as planned. You will have the opportunity to select the stain and varnish products that you would like the team members to apply to the flooring.

These products will enhance the beauty of the wooden planks. They will also preserve the surface of the wood. Stain will likely be added to the flooring. The flooring team may use a long-handled tool to apply the stain evenly. A couple of stain coats may be applied. After the stain has dried, varnish will be applied to the flooring.

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