Own A Rental Home? 3 Reasons To Replace Old Flooring With Vinyl

Owning and managing your own rental is something you may find satisfying to do. However, you may also know that it can sometimes feel quite demanding. Some years you may get a smooth tenancy without maintenance or repairs needed while a tenant is living there. However, other years may prove demanding with emergencies, repairs, and replacements.

A vacancy is an ideal time to replace old flooring. While you may consider multiple flooring types, you will find it beneficial to prioritize vinyl flooring for the entire rental home.

Water Resistance

Water-resistant flooring is useful because it prevents a major cause of floor damage. Water can cause wood to bend, warp, and become misshapen. It is problematic for carpeting because it can lead to mildew growth on the carpet fibers and underneath in the carpet padding. Vinyl flooring is water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for a rental property manager.

This flooring type will give you peace of mind because you may know that anyone can have accidents or spills, including children, pets, and adults. When your flooring is protected from water damage, you may feel confident it will last longer than other rental flooring options.


An exciting part of vinyl flooring is that you can choose from many looks. For instance, you can find vinyl nearly identical to hardwood and other ones resembling tile flooring. A small caveat is that you may find it challenging to narrow things down when you have so many options.

A smart move is to look at vinyl samples and compare them with your rental's other features. Meshing the floor with the rest of your home will make it easier to take attractive photos and videos that you use for your rental listing. Another decision you will need to make is whether you want the flooring to come in planks, sheets, or tiles, which change the floor's appearance.

The freedom to make all these decisions will give you great control over how you want your rental property to look.


A major benefit of vinyl flooring is that you can use it throughout the entire home. When working on a vacant rental, you may want to go through the process quickly to minimize rental income loss. The ability to install the same type of flooring everywhere in the rental will save time and effort because you will only need to go through one flooring installation period.

When you need to replace your rental's flooring, you may want to prioritize vinyl flooring for these reasons.

To learn more about vinyl flooring, contact a flooring service in your area.

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