Installing Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring In Your Home

In recent years, luxury vinyl plank flooring has gained popularity among homeowners. LVP is a resilient flooring material made to resemble hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles.

What Rooms Are The Most Compatible With Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors?

Some areas of your home will receive far more traffic than others. The kitchen and living room can be two examples of these spaces. LVP can resist wear and tear, which makes it ideal for these spaces in your home. LVP is also water-resistant, making it a perfect choice for bathrooms or entries.

Another room that is compatible with LVP flooring is the basement. Basements tend to be damp and moisture-prone, making hardwood or carpet unsuitable. LVP is an excellent choice for basements because humidity does not affect it. Moreover, LVP is simple to build and can be put over standard basement concrete floors. These floors may also be lighter than traditional hardwood. This can make transferring the flooring materials down the stairs to the basement easier.

Is It Difficult To Angle Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors?

A benefit of choosing LVP flooring is that it is able to be installed as a floating floor or glued down. Floating floors are easy to install and may not require a professional to complete. These floors are installed on top of the existing flooring. Gluing down LVP flooring can be more challenging but provides a permanent installation. Regardless of the installation type, ensuring the planks are angled correctly is essential. Poorly angled planks can impact the quality of the flooring. In addition to causing buckling and other visible problems, improper installation could make the floors more prone to squeaking. A professional flooring contractor can ensure this work is done correctly to give you the best results possible.

Will The Color Fade From Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors?

While purchasing LVP flooring, homeowners could be concerned about whether the color will deteriorate over time. Luckily, luxury vinyl plank flooring has excellent fading resistance. In addition to resisting fading from cleaning and water exposure, these floors can resist ultraviolet light bleaching. These features make luxury vinyl plank flooring among the long-lasting and most durable solutions.

You can extend the lifespan of these colors by using cleaning solutions designed for vinyl plank flooring. These solutions can gently remove dirt and grime without degrading the surface of the planks. Bleach and other harsh cleaning agents may degrade the surface of vinyl, which could lead to cracking. However, vinyl-safe cleaning solutions can be effective while avoiding causing this damage to your floors. 

For more information about flooring installation, contact a local company. 

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