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AT&T CEO addresses major surge in Internet Traffic

As COVID-19(or novel Coronavirus) let the peoples of different countries quarantine themselves as per the orders of their government, to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This quarantine let the peoples stay at home and watch movies, and shows on Netflix and other online streaming services and surf the internet, to be updated on the situation and this resulted as a major surge in internet traffic.

As we saw previously, the government of Europe ordered online streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube to drop the video quality to reduce the stress on the whole infrastructure. Now, the CEO of AT&T told in a recent interview with CNN, that they are experiencing a huge surge in internet traffic. The mobile volumes are up 40% and the Wi-Fi calling volumes are 100%. At the interview, he claimed that AT&T’s infrastructure is performing well but the major surge in internet traffic is stressing the system.

I think it’s going to cause every business to evaluate how we do business. I think when we come out of this, this is exactly what we’re going to see. We’re looking at this as a time of war. This is like World War II. Everyone needs to step up and do their part in how we help the general population.

– Randall Stephenson, CEO, AT&T

Around 90,000 employees of AT&T are already working from home according to Stephenson. He added, that seeing how many peoples are working from home and this is going to change the way of work in the near future due to the coronavirus. He also stated that when the coronavirus crisis will over, AT&T will continue investing in 5G technology and other technologies too.

After noticing this major surge in Internet Traffic, the Federal Communications Commission(FCC), who controls the internet and other communication services in the united states, came up with a new law and regulation. They came up with a broadband and telecom industry measure called Keep Americans Connected pledge to stop companies from abusing current circumstances and take advantage of the current situation. This pledge let companies not to overcharge and charge additional fees or late fees for the bill payments. This law will be applied in all cities of the united states, for the upcoming 60 days.

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