KreditPlus Data Breach: Exposed 900k users data

KreditPlus is an Indonesian brand providing digital finance service. It was established by PT. Finansia Multi Finance in 2014.

KreditPlus suffered from a huge data breach that exposed over 900k records and the database is now available on different hacking forums.

When KreditPlus data breach happened?

In June, 2020, KreditPlus suffered from this huge data breach.

What records and data got breached?

As per the reports by HIBP, around 900k records are leaked which include 769k unique email addresses and the following data got leaked:

  1. Email address
  2. Name
  3. Family Makeup
  4. Spouse name and information
  5. Income information
  6. Expenses
  7. Religion
  8. Employment information

Breach Level : Red

This data breach is very serious as there’s a lot of important financial data got leaked.

What you can do?

Go to and check for your email address, and if your email address is found in leaked database then contact kreditplus to get your account secured.

KreditPlus Data Breach

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