Sony pulled out Super Mario from Dreams, after Nintendo complaint

Super Mario, which is the most downloaded and popular character in the PS4 Game Dreams is being pulled out due to copyright complaint issued by Nintendo.

As noticed by GoNintendo, PieceOfCraft, the creator of Dreams took this matter to Twitter and revealed with a tweet informing that Sony took down the Super Mario character from his game, Dreams. He haven’t took name of Nintendo in his tweet.

Following are the tweets of PieceOfCraft twitter handle, who is the creator of Dreams game:

PieceOfCraft also stated that they can no longer edit the original creation as the Super Mario Character is taken down by Sony due to the complaint issued by Nintendo. Dreams players will no longer be able to find or use it in the game and it’s like a slap on the wrist, PieceOfCraft stated.

Even after all this happened, it didn’t really surprised me, the reason is Nintendo’s previous record. Nintendo is known for taking down the use of unofficial Nintendo’s IP-related use. But, this incident highlighted some serious problems for both creator and players of Dreams game. As most of the material used in this game is not owned by creator or Sony and instead most of the material is the intellectual property of the rival companies of Sony.

However, at the time of writing this article we noticed something. Even after taking down the Super Mario character. All the Dreams creations that are based on PiecesOfCraft’s Super Mario character are still live. We found Super Mario 64 HD which was created by Yoru Tamashi was live and with 11,400 plays.

As per the tweet below, it seems that PiecesOfCraft have a plan B for this situation. Let’s see what comes next.

However, what you guys think about this action of Nintendo. Were they right or wrong? Please let us know in the comment section below. Share our story on Social media with your gamer friends. Thank You.

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